The Hamilton Knight Trust

The Hamilton Knight Trust (HKT) is a regulated managed fund that provides funding solutions to property developers in Australia. The Fund is an actively managed portfolio of Australian property development Projects Sites and is designed to deliver consistent returns and mitigates risks through prudent diversification.

Funding Activity

Industry research in general has consistently indicated that there is a significant undersupply of new property in Australia. This commentary suggests that if both government land releases and approvals, and property developers were at full capacity, this undersupply would continue for many years to come due to current population growth and immigration rates. Property developers trying to meet this undersupply may experience balance sheet and cash flow constraints, producing an equity funding shortfall. 

Fund Design

HKT’s property investments are managed in a portfolio using an electronic portfolio management model. This model is designed to work with a set of written policies that manage asset value, liquidity, risk, and strategic asset allocation. These policies provide an operational framework to maximise the potential performance of the portfolio.

Investment Objective

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of projects suitable for property development in Australian residential, commercial, and light industrial property markets.

The HKT will research selected project sites with specific criteria for a portfolio of property development. The Fund will then selectively invest in the project sites in accordance with the policy for investment, valuation, liquidity, and risk. The Fund will take security over the land and the landholding entity and also contractual ‘step-in’ and supervisory rights in development agreements. The objective return will be distributed as the net income from the portfolio.

Trustee and Investment Manager

Hamilton Knight Pty Limited

ACN 631 472 734. 


AFS Licensee and Offeror

CODA Asset Management Pty Ltd

ACN 143 291 678 | AFS Licence 389315.


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