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The cattle feedlot industry has  a value of production of approximately AU$2.5 billion and employs some 28,500 people directly and indirectly (Australian Lot Feeders’ Association 2015)
There are around 450 accredited feedlots throughout Australia with the majority located in areas that are in close approximately 60% followed by New South Wales with 30%, Victoria with 7% and the remainder shared between South Australia and Western Australia.
Two thirds of Australia’s beef production is exported to over 100 international markets. Australia’s hard-won reputation as a supplier of ‘clean, green, disease free’ beef backed up by strong industry systems and brands is a strong selling point in the highly competitive markets in which we operate (Future Beef)  

Australia's Beef Industry​

  • In 2019, Australia exported 76% of its total beef and veal production (MLA Estimate)

  • The value of total beef and veal exports in 2019 was A$10.8 billion (MLA State of the Industry Report – 2020).

  • Australian live cattle exports were valued at A$1.6 billion in 2018–19 (ABS), with 1.3 million head exported (MLA State of the Industry Report – 2020)

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