Hamilton Knight SIV-IV Fund

The Australian Federal Government’s Investor Visa and Significant Investor Visa programs offer exciting concessional opportunities for high net worth investors to migrate to Australia.

The Hamilton Knight SIV-IV Fund” (HK SIV-IV Fund) is a regulated investment scheme in Australia that aims to offer an attractive opportunity for investors to gain access to investments under the one “umbrella” offering attractive investment returns. The Fund provides access to a broad range of qualifying investments such as emerging companies, venture capital and real property businesses including non-residential property development, which caters for a wide range of investors’ return objectives and risk profiles.

Why Hamilton Knight SIV-IV Fund*?

A one-stop shop solution for your Investor Visa and Significant Investor Visa complying investments.

*Effective from 1st July 2021

For more information about the HK SIV-IV Fund, please click here.

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