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Research indicates the Australian property asset class can absorb very large investment inflows for many years ahead and is Australia’s largest direct contributor to gross domestic production (GDP). Hamilton Knight Group’s investment products are designed with an actively managed approach to deliver a tailored mix of performance, income, diversification, liquidity, and flexibility to investors. For investors with a background in property development in their home countries, these projects can be presented as the joint venture business plan for the residency pathway into Australia.



Carina Heights

284 Pine Mountain Rd, Carina Heights The property lies within the prestigious suburb Carina Heights with a dominant landholding of 5,212 sqm. It is conveniently situated within 8km of Brisbane CBD. As it is close to Gateway Motorway, this gives residents easy access to the airport, CBD, Gold Coast. Currently, it is improved by multiple …

Dairy Farm

Investment Opportunity The dairy industry is Australia’s fourth largest rural industry. Based on farmgate value of production alone, the dairy industry generated A$4.4 billion in 2018–19. The industry also acts as a major source of employment across regional areas, with approximately 46,200 people directly employed on dairy farms and by dairy companies. Associated transport, distribution, …


Enter one of Australia’s industry pillars The cattle feedlot industry has  a value of production of approximately AU$2.5 billion and employs some 28,500 people directly and indirectly (Australian Lot Feeders’ Association 2015) There are around 450 accredited feedlots throughout Australia with the majority located in areas that are in close approximately 60% followed by New …

Sonnet Residences

Location: 85 Swann Road, Taringa, Queensland

85 Swan Road, Taringa Nestled amongst the trees on the picturesque hillside of Swann Road Taringa is Sonnet Residences. Limited to four residences, this boutique development embraces all the architectural elements to make your life so special.   Located in Swann Road Taringa on a ridgeline, Sonnet Residences has views of Brisbane city and expansive …

Total Capital Required: AUD$5,800,000

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The Manufacture Of Musical Instruments Case

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Total Capital Required: AUD$1,500,000

Solar Farm

BIIF Renewable Energy Portfolio Hamilton Knight group (HKG) has identified potential opportunities that are present in the alternative energy market. The investment will be to develop existing wholly owned land assets into a 30MW solar energy plant or to provide low cost entry into this market. We currently have three operational plan for building a …

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