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The Hamilton Knight Group

Your one-stop shop to investing in Australia

We have developed a range of investment vehicles that help investors to partner in various industry related projects. We design and customise the solutions for our investors.

Your residency pathway to Australia

We have been very successful assisting qualifying applicants from foreign countries to gain their Australian Visas and to establish the business and investment activities in Australia.

"The return OF your investment is as important as the return ON your investment"

Rod Mackay, CEO

Australia’s Premier Invesment Manager

The Investor Visa and Significant Investor Visa stream through the Australian Complying Investment Framework
Accessing to a diversified porfolio of projects suitable for property development in Australian residential, commercial and industrial property markets
Investing in the Probate Funding process where experienced legal practitioners and financiers working alongside to craft the suitable solutions
Providing investors with indirect access to a variety of companies in multi-market sectors of the Australian economy.

The Executive Team

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the investment management business. HKG has pioneered a unique approach to managing the risks associated with business investment in the interests of investors.

Rod Mackay

Chief Executive

Sophie Doan

Director, Global
Markets Development

Richard Spencer

Legal Counsel


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