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The Hamilton Knight Group

About Us

Established in 1994, Hamilton Knight Group Pty Limited is continuing its long tradition as a boutique asset manager. We have developed a range of investment vehicles from our rich local knowledge to provide unique investment opportunities to global clients.

Our Solutions

Your one-stop shop to investing in Australia

The Hamilton Knight Group has developed a range of investment vehicles that help investors partner in property-related projects. We design bespoke solutions for investors.

Your residency pathway to Australia

We have been very successful assisting qualifying applicants from foreign countries to gain their Australian Visas and to establish their business activities in Australia.

How We Operate


Each portfolio is diversified across residential, commercial and light industrial land or projects, with the potential to make a return on equity and meet the objective performance returns. Diversification of the portfolio reduces concentration risk to any individual land or project, property market sectors or cycles.

Risk Management

The Portfolio management has a focus on measuring and reducing risk at two levels, namely the Portfolio blending methodology used to diversify land and projects, and potential risk from specific assets. Actively managing risk mitigates the factors that could erode returns, such as lack of diversification and security.

Defensive Asset Class

The low volatility of the ‘bricks and mortar’ Australian property asset class is a significant comfort factor for investors due to the historical probability that the property value will rise, and if it were to fall it would likely be for a relatively short time, and not below the construction costs.

Liquidity Events

The portfolios will seek to invest in land and projects requiring smaller equity investments but with potentially higher returns on equity, and also larger land and projects with both longer and shorter timeframes. With diversification across sectors, each portfolio intends to offer frequent withdrawal periods as liquidity events allow.

Our Team

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the investment management business. HKG has pioneered a unique approach to managing the risks associated with business investment in the interests of investors.


Chief Executive


Director, Global Markets Development




Australia Registered
Migration Agent




I have been working with Sophie since 2017 and handling the applications for the Australia Business Talent Visa (subclass 132) for her clients. Sophie and her team understand their clients well. Sophie’s attention to detail and emphatic focus on customer service means that her clients are always well supported.

Andrew Graham Australian Migration Agent, MARN #1067354

HKG specialises in 132A and 188C projects in Australia with a diverse range of solutions including property development and agribusiness. I highly recommend HKG team if you need a customised business and investment plan in Australia.

James Hall Australian Migration Agent MARN #0428740

I want to offer our heartfelt gratitude to your support team in ensuring the success of the fund. Your invaluable insight and impeccable strategies always come in handy to us.

Jeremy Lo Fund Investor

We appreciate the attentiveness of the team in keeping us up-to-date with the progress of the project and fund. The range of quality developments made it easy for us to pick the most fitting project for investment portfolio.

Mrs. Phi Nguyen 132A Visa Granted Investor

The experience of the settlement package helps us to do business and move the whole family permanently to Brisbane and still be able to look after the business in Vietnam.

Mrs. Thi Nguyen 132A Visa Granted Investor

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